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Kindred contains 4 thighboots, all of which go above the thigh seam so you can use them with any legs equal to or smaller than BIBO+ Large, even if the seams are broken.

The boost which replace High House Boots, however, are given the 'shoes' metadata due to the fact that they show skin - I have fit them somewhat loosely in an attempt to make them compatible with skintight pants and tights. If this doesn't end up working out with people, I'll update them and have them replace the tights and calves like all others.

All boots contain licensed assets.



Frontier Pumps

Dirndl Pumps

Ishgardian Thighboots

High house boots

As always, join my discord at and let me know if there are any issues.


Thank you Yurippie for the YAB upscale.


Thank you Pancake for the TBSE upscale <3

Now also available for midlander-based males!

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