TOS & Commissions

1. You are free to do whatever you want with my PUBLIC stuff, except claiming as your own, provided you credit me and link back to my download. (except anything involving bestiality. I love animals, sorry.)
2. No NSFW lala, racist, trans/xeno/homopbobic content.
3. You are free to do whatever private edits you want with my VAULTED/EARLY ACCESS items. You are free to commission whoever you want to do whatever you want to the item provided two copies of the item are purchased, because two people will be receiving it. You are free to make these public 5 days after the mod was made public.


I’m very unreliable when it comes to commissions, I only do things I like and I often feel too pressured/exhausted to do them and I refund. I also never do private commissions. Because of that, I rarely take them on - if you -still- want one with that knowledge feel free to DM and we can talk about it. It has to be in my style, no game ports, jewelry unless it’s complex, or anything for tbse.