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Made specifically for TBSE, but ported to females as well. Females have a crop top instead of a shirt.

Contains a shirt, jacket on a ring, pants and boots.

2k or 4k textures.

Fit around:

- Bibo S/M/L/XL/Uranus chest + S/M/L legs
- YAB S/M/L chest + Watermelon and Skull crusher legs + Default and small butt
- Bimbo S/M/L Chest + legs
- Rue Almond chest + legs
- Nymph AFAB and AMAB + YAB leg compatibility + Crop or full length top

- Default
- Slim
- X
- Highlander
AFAB and AMAB for all

Variant Edits:
A - Belt

Credits: Yurippie & Demi-Fiend

Scratch + jacket was a MD project I retopod etc and shoes a modified & retextured licensed asset.

Colorsets are all row 16, except for the belt which is row 1 on mat A. is the place for mod help and bug reports.
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